We wait patiently each note played, every movement of the dance spills out across the stage in a way that only ignites the heart to fall deeper into the trans that becomes more than what they heart can possibly contain.  For me, it is not just the notes, the dance, the instrument,the film or the television show that changes me for the better.... it is the fact that ART is being celebrated. 

I am often ask what is it like to manage people in multiple sectors of the Entertainment Industry? My answer to them, it is my honor.  Now sure, I might struggle a bit to get those words out at 2:30 am when I am looking over my last proposal deck for the night, or approving a large stack of contracts... but for every moment of frustration that can present itself, I am blessed with dozens of extraordinary moments with my artists and others in the industry as an idea is birthed and the air seems almost magical as each person's artistic talents begin to combine in the direct determination that what seems only a seed of a thought soon becomes a celebration of the public audience. 

To live for the Arts is to see a picture far greater than the moving puzzle pieces we each play within any given project.  Instead it is to directly realize that the end goal, the light at the tunnel is not truly about the deadline that was met or the budget sheet that was balanced, but instead more respectfully, the ART that was allowed to live center stage long enough to inspire, delight and bewilder another generation of dreams and seekers.... 

So for every step my feet have taken on a NYC side walk, for every midnight call I have received in haste that a project would not see the light of day...I can only serve to remind myself and hopefully others...this job we do within the Entertainment Industry is a honor...we dream with the dreamers, we guide the seekers, and  polish the finished product until not one that gazes upon it can mistake it for anything less than ART! 



It's easy for most artists to surprise the doubters with their lives, but what I have found it is not as easy for the Dreamers of this world to continue to challenge themselves far enough out of the comfort zone of their ideas that even they have to be surprised when it all comes to fruition. 

One of my favorite parts of my job, and often one that I speak on and write on is that of the evolution of the Entertainment Industry. Seeds of thoughts begin in a seemingly endless fervor within the hearts and minds of those seeking to bring Art into the world. And yet with every drop of victory comes a dozen storms that seem unwilling in their determination to set everything off course. Although it be that it would easiest for those of us pressing onward to allow the opposition to out best us, we know better. Why? because we have learned to dream big enough that even we are set into an ecstatic celebration when the project sees not only the wished upon goal, but more rather that finishing line that leaves those of us producing the project in just as much of "fan frenzy" as those who know nothing of the struggles that have come prior. 

So my challenge today to each of you is, don't wait for the the fringes of the coat tails of the ones who have walked before you to become your guiding light for inspiration. Seek not what others have done, but more rather what it is You bring... see it, want it, dream it... but be sure you do each in a manner so big that even you will be standing in awe of your finished project!


Stacy Swain
Stacy Swain Management