Bringing Audiences to Their Feet
One Dream at a Time 

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Stacy Swain started in the Arts at a young age.  Dancing shoes first were placed upon her feet when she was five. With dancing studios becoming a "home away from home" she worked her way through tap, jazz, and years of Russian Ballet.  

As her professional career began steering into a business rather than a performance based focus, Stacy has Executive Produced Music, Television, Videos, and Theatre.  As an artist manager Stacy currently manages: World Renowned choreographers, Creative Directors, Broadway Composer and Artists as well as Dancers. 

With a deep seeded love for Broadway, she has concentrated both her management and producing career to centralize on bringing more beautiful theatre productions to life for the Great White Way. 

"It is a privilege to work in the Arts.  I count myself Blessed to be Busy! 

 "Don't be like the rest, Darling", by Coco Chanel.