Executive Producer 

Stacy Swain started in the Performing Arts at a young age.  Dancing shoes first were placed upon her feet when she was five. With dancing studios becoming a "home away from home" she worked her way through modern, tap, jazz, and years of Russian Ballet.

As an Exclusive Artist Manager Stacy has worked with: World Renowned Choreographers, Creative Directors, Broadway Composers and Performer, Celebrity Makeup Artists, Celebrity Photographers, Celebrity Chefs, Actors, Oscar Award Winning Composers, Singers and Songwriters.    

With a passion for Music Producing, she has worked with Tony Award Winners and Nominees from Broadway and  Olivier Award Winners from West End Theatre. In her work outside of Theatre, she has worked with Grammy Award Winners as well as Television and Film Celebrities.

Having Produced alongside Grammy Award Winning Producers from the US and the UK, Stacy has been honored to work with the finest studios in the world in Executive Producing and General Managing: Broadway albums, Charity Singles, EP's and Concept Albums.

Stacy's work has also involved Executive Producing and Producing events such as: Pre-Grammy Parties, Galas, Album Release Parties,  Worldwide Singing Competitions and more.

With two television shows in development, Stacy has turned her attentions to optioning and Lead Producing two musical theatre productions that she is Lead Producing in New York City where she is honored to work alongside Tony Award Winning Producers, Actors and Directors as she furthers her career doing what she loves best, bringing incredible art to the world.

As she continues to build toward the future, Stacy is in the process of purchasing a legendary brand and working with developmental and entertainment teams to build platforms that enrich the arts, give back to the community and advance music, theatre, art, dance and many other aspects of the entertainment community.